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  • Tangerine
  • A Sun
  • I Dream in Another Language

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  • Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation


  • Shiva Baby


  • The Truman Show


  • Happy Together


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  • The East

    The East


    Not at all as controversial as lots might say. If it were me, I would have made it even worse

    Beautiful cinematography, which is refreshing for Dutch films and the acting wasn't too bad either. The dreadful events shown in this piece come off as very realistic and make you shiver. However, the film took way too long and it could've been so much more powerful. A lot more has to be done to shine light on the Dutch colonial past.…

  • King of Peking

    King of Peking


    it definately missed depth and had some flaws but still giving this a 4,5/5 because this is a underrated piece of art. the cinematography is amazing, the depiction of life in 90s china is so good and you will get a taste of china's poverty. take a seat, let this sweet film with nostalgic feel take you away and you will enjoy the ride