Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

And away we go...

Gotta say up front that I’m not the biggest Tarantino fan. That whole pretentiousness of proclaiming “the eighth/ninth film by,” the reliance on extreme violence as a crutch, there’s a whole lot of mixed bag there for me. 
That said... I really *loved* this movie. Everything seems to work. The performances by the two leads; DiCaprio and Pitt are fantastic and indelible. The production design is wonderfully memorable with an old-school Hollywood feel and crazy quirks like Wolf’s Tooth dog food sharing the same plane of existence with Kraft Mac and Cheese. The soundtrack evokes American Graffiti with its assortment of period tunes sprinkled with snips of radio commercials and DJ banter. At times it’s violent, yes, but that violence feels more earned here than in other Tarantino joints.
But it’s the story of these two cowboys of old Hollywood that makes for a very entertaining evening at the movies. I kept wanting to hang out with Rick and Cliff at the film’s conclusion, just to see what might be next for them. Over the span of nearly three hours you get a really fun cinematic ride-along, with a surprisingly clever bit of fantasy revisionist history thrown in for good measure. Very highly recommended.

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