The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Certainly Yorgos’ most accessible film that I’ve seen, The Favourite still keeps you on your toes. Darkly funny and tragic, and stuffed with the trademark absurdity that we expect from a Lanthimos joint (don’t forget the lobsters... Yorgos didn’t). As many have mentioned, Olivia Coleman is simply fantastic and Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz match her step for step. 
Shot at a couple of regal palaces including Hampton Court, the cinematography alone is worth the price of your ticket.  It’s kind of an apples-to-oranges comparison, but Robbie Ryan’s beautiful wide-angle camerawork, from dimly-lit bedchambers to verdant wooded glens is just as impressive as Cuaron’s is in Roma. Whoever was in charge of candle wrangling in this movie deserves praise too, as they must have worked their butts off. 
The film’s pacing is erratic and more noticeable as the story progresses; trimming 20 or so minutes could have made for a much tighter second half. But Coleman’s moody, manic monarch will help you forget those details.

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