Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley Quinn ★★½

I never found Harley Quinn annoying in any form of that character I very much love this character. Not in the Arkham Series, not in the animated series, nothing! But by god she royally bothered me in this movie. Arleen Sorkin has been swapped out for other voice actresses in the Harley Quinn role before and I’ve never had a problem but this time it really got under my skin.

 This has happened before, it happened in Mystery of the Batwoman where for no reason Barbara is attracted to Bruce and it’s never brought up again and it happens again between Nightwing and Harley where they do it and it’s never brought up again making it irrelevant. STOP THIS! Also come on with these tasteless jokes in a Batman movie, animated or not Batman is smarter than this. Two songs back to back, one’s good the other not so much. 

Actual positives: I like the fun opening, I like the Booster Gold joke, I thought the Batman and Nightwing kissing Harley Quinn thing was cute (even though it’s not a good end) the animation is always on point but sometimes it lingers on a shot instead of cutting. The Swamp Thing cameo (wish it was more what a waste). I’m very happy they got rid of Dick’s mullet and made a joke about it. Overall I had fun but this could have DEFINITELY been better.

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