The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★

It’s over indulgent and disgustingly gruesome to both it’s detriment and success. I like the idea of the squad being in a schlocky B movie action/horror flick but it’s just borderline offensive to the eyes. I still enjoyed it though shockingly enough; the characters work way better as a team compared to the first suicide squad yet it still couldn’t entirely shake the sloppy introduction of the character’s backstories (still done better than the first one though). It also couldn’t shake the music choices; better than before but still on the nose choices. I like that the shark is chonky, John Cena takes direction best out of all the wrestler actors, Damian Dastmalchian did the impossible with one of the worst comic book characters ever by making him sympathetic, Idris is always great, Daniela Melchior and Sebastian the rat are to be protected, and the real winner is Margot Robbie. I won’t even touch the politics of this movie cause superhero movie gonna superhero movie.

Also as the only Captain Boomerang stan, I’m offended

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