• The Out-of-Towners

    The Out-of-Towners


    Jack Lemmon is typically great at playing neurotic characters that ultimately have heart, but the screenplay isn’t really doing him any favors. It’s got funny bits here and there but the main characters aren’t really likable in any way and Sandy Dennis isn’t given enough to make Gwen shine, which is unfortunate because she has really funny moments here and there. Only an hour and a half but it feels longer than it should.

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    It’s good. What else is there to say

  • The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings

    The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings


    Best baseball movie and best Billy Dee Williams performance (and I’m a big Lando fan)

  • Malignant



    First half: ok this is confusing and goofy kinda bored


  • I Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs

    I Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs


    Watching this only makes the feeling of losing Marlon at such a young age that much worse, but also appreciative that his works live on and continue to inspire and teach as he intended.

  • Dark Passage

    Dark Passage


    Really dug the choice of not showing Bogart in the first half

  • Black Is … Black Ain’t

    Black Is … Black Ain’t


    Marlon Riggs really was in touch with all aspects of blackness. I wish he were still with us today, The things he would’ve continued to say.

  • Color Adjustment

    Color Adjustment


    We need more discussions on inclusivity (or rather lack thereof) on television and how a lot of studios/shows still fall into these trappings that Marlon Riggs was dissecting 20+ years ago

  • NYC Epicenters 9/11➔2021½

    NYC Epicenters 9/11➔2021½


    I do wish there was a better connection from 9/11 to Covid in the conclusion and throughout (because trust me that pipeline is as straight as an arrow) but Spike has always touted himself as a rep of the people and this seemed like something he made for the people of New York

  • Tongues Untied

    Tongues Untied


    Anger unvented, becomes pain unspoken, becomes rage released, becomes violence. 

     Beautiful, raw, unnerving

  • Boomerang



    One of the sexiest rom coms I’ve seen in a minute. Everyone is so beautiful in this, there must’ve been something in the air in the 90s! I don’t really like the over saturation of the term “black excellence” BUT THAT WAS BLACK EXCELLENCE

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    I know he’s a thousand year old war criminal, but that opening fight/falling in love sequence with Tony Leung and Fala Chen was so sexy