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  • Sabrina



    It’s strange that both versions of this film have gorgeous lead actresses that play the role as unnoticeable to her male crush. How could you miss her?! Also I don’t believe Greg Kinnear as David I haven’t seen the original but I know William Holden’s acting style and to me he has more charm and can convince me that he is a man who can’t commit. But I think Harrison Ford (the reason I watched this) is a very convincing…

  • Batman and Harley Quinn

    Batman and Harley Quinn


    I never found Harley Quinn annoying in any form of that character I very much love this character. Not in the Arkham Series, not in the animated series, nothing! But by god she royally bothered me in this movie. Arleen Sorkin has been swapped out for other voice actresses in the Harley Quinn role before and I’ve never had a problem but this time it really got under my skin.

     This has happened before, it happened in Mystery of the…

  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


    If you’ve ever played the Batman Arkham Series or any video game with choreographed fight scenes the fights in this movie look exactly like this. Jude Law has always looked ridiculous in this movie and he is. I like the heisty aspect of this movie and the sword is really cool but it’s kind of a bland enjoyable movie. Charlie Hunnam has great abs but he can do better. Eric Bana looks real good too.