Pig ★★

For most of the runtime, I found the tone of this movie to be very smug and self-satisfied. It tries to get so much mileage out of the juxtaposition of Cage's unkempt, singularly focused protagonist and the manicured people putting on airs in the world of high-end cuisine he plunges himself back into, which starts to feel one-note. I couldn't help but wish there was some actual sincerity in the journey, instead of the layer of droll remove a large portion of the film gives us. Then when it does shift gears and becomes something genuine and straight-faced, it feels like too little too late. The final moments would be a terrific ending to something that rang a little less thin and hollow leading up to it. Instead this movie so many people see as a "moving mediation on loss" feels more like an undercooked attempt at profundity to me. No biggie, you can't like 'em all!