The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

My first ever Yorgos Lanthimos film and it really delivered. I really enjoyed The Favourite. The best part about this film is definitely Yorgos Lanthimos. His directing is brilliant. I’ve always heard good things about him and it was definitely not exaggerated. He is just as good as I expected. I loved the way he used the camera. The way he uses the fish lens is fantastic. Maybe it felt a bit off one or two times but for the most part it worked brilliantly. Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are all fantastic. Especially Stone and Weisz, their back and forth was really fun. Olivia Colman is also very good. The screenplay is good but one of my issues with the film is that it felt like it sometimes lost focus and it felt like it got a little sidetracked. It’s also a period piece, and while I did like this one, they’re just not really my thing. The ending was also something I had a few issues with. Especially the final few shots, I dunno why but I just felt a little unsatisfied when it ended. But it was a very fun and entertaining film. I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more when I rewatch it some day but for now I think it’s a great film with even greater direction. 

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