Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★

Watching Groundhog Day the day after Groundhog Day wasn't really intended as apt smartarsery. I couldn't find the DVD yesterday and only later unearthed it from down the side of the sofa.

I saw this in the cinema when it was first released, and then on TV once or twice later in the decade, but since then it's been a long time. Everything looks so 90's now ...It just used to look normal.
Picture quality included; it reminded me how those little black marks used to appear all the time on cinema films.
I still love the story, and I'm still not quite sure why I don't like Andie MacDowell more. Hmmm... I guess she's too perfect and sensible and doesn't quite seem like a 19th century French poetry sorta gal.

And here is a fascinating - but long - article which tries to calculate how many Groundhog Days Phil endures.

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