The Talk of the Town ★★★★½

Evidence that Ronald Colman's character was in love with Cary Grant:

Exhibit A: He loaned him his only pair of slippers when he was still a total rando to him

Exhibit B: He bought him borscht and remembered that he liked it with an egg

Exhibit C: He shaved off the beard he had had for 15 years so he could go undercover for him - not for Jean Arthur

Exhibit D: He tracked down the man who could exonerate Dilg

Instances that prove Cary Grant's character knew that Ronald had the hots for him:

Exhibit A: He said that Lightcap was in love (with him, of course)

Exhibit B: He tried to give up Jean Arthur because he thought Lightcap wanted to marry her (lying to himself about his love for Dilg, of course), but couldn't stay away because he wanted to see Lightcap's big day

Exhibit C: They eye-fucked in the Supreme Court

Defense rests.

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