Sexy Sisters ★★★

A man who resembles Ric Lutze is watching a stage show in which two nude women sit near each other while wearing Asian masks. A freaky-looking chick (Pamela Stanford from BLUE RITA, CANNIBAL TERROR, CANNIBALS) comes on strong & takes him to her spacious home. As a treat, she introduces him to her younger sister (Karine Gambier from WOMEN IN CELL BLOCK 9, CAGED WOMEN) who is kept in a special cage room because she’s a dangerous nympho. Dude wakes up in his car the next morning & Gambier is told she’s been hallucinating again by Dr. Jack Taylor. What unfolds is a sleazy GASLIGHT riff with Esther Moser (BLUE RITA, WANDA THE WICKED WARDEN) as a sexual accomplice, Mike Montana (SECRETS OF A FRENCH MAID) as a willing rapist & Eric Falk (BLUE RITA, MAD FOXES, CAGED WOMEN) as a stud. There’s more Dietrich than Franco in this film, but the flashbacks that birthed Gambier’s trauma are in the Franco pocket. This isn’t an awesome flick, but if you like any of the ingredients & banish your expectations, this is some grubby fun. The spacious home has two wonderful black & white posters of cats, a gold door & a distinct lack of Lina Romay (the main drawback). “I can’t give you a man, but maybe this will do.”