Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

The best compliment I can pay this beautifully constructed, genuinely felt daydream of a movie is that its emotional resonance seems to only grow in its effect on me long after the last credit rolls during the moving final scene. It's love lived through, embraced and remembered. One's own memories of inner romantic life come into stark relief. Guadagnino captures the rush and the tinge of fear it comes with. He delicately handles the intricacies of attraction, recognizes the essential vibrancy of longing, the all-enveloping quality of pure romantic feeling. The level of emotional intelligence displayed here is so so rare. It's to be cherished.

I'm taken with all of the film's elements: from direction, cinematography, script, the two fearless leads, to small supporting roles, the setting and the perfect use of music - everything is in tune with itself. But it's a film better experienced than dissected. I've watched it twice in the past week and am letting the every fragment seep through, allowing the full effect of its tenderness and its vitality wash over me.

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