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  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween

    I really enjoyed this, especially the end credit sequence, and will likely rewatch it within the week, month, year. Also, Steve Buscemi is brilliant - his performance here is The Death of Stalin-tier.

    (I reserve my star rating for the time being as I feel very biased towards anything this personal and spit-take-filled from Sandler.)

  • The Human Voice

    The Human Voice


    "I suffered like an animal, but I enjoyed like an animal. I was so drunk, so intoxicated. I forgot about reality and time, but reality always prevails."

    Pedro Almodóvar brings his signature color to a melodramatic flourish on the paint stroke that is humanity at its spiritual core - one concerned deeply, undeniably, tormentedly with love. Tilda Swinton is a superb mouthpiece for the torrents of emotions galloping throughout the film, that one could argue is a 30-minute long monologue,…

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  • Impromptu



    Stomping, striding Judy Davis. Sickly, vampire-sounding Hugh. Hot-tempered Mandy Patinkin. Doddering Emma Thompson. Slickly seductive Bernadette Peters. All in 19th century garb, and all-in-all accurate-ish, I think? What more could you possibly want out of a period piece?

  • Allied



    There's something(s) missing, but I really enjoyed it and its oscillations between finesse and unfussiness. But I also did not hate Pitt's perfume ad and believe anything Marion says while her eyes are open, so... It's a solid VOD watch on own or with date.