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Film Buff since my first baby teeth.
2021 Goal: 801 movies

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  • The Night of the Hunter
  • Rapture
  • Twin Peaks
  • Black Sunday

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  • Red, White and Blue


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  • Mangrove


  • Ready or Not


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  • Away



    A movie clearly not for all tastes, but powerful proof of the mesmerizing and unique power of animation. A praise deserving one-man-show (Zilbalodis directs, writes, animates and even composes the music of the film), the film is evocative of atmospheric exploration video games from the 90s like Another World, with its no-words storytelling and no-explanations approach, and even in its aesthetic and rough animation, that clearly can be a detraction for a lot of viewers. But if you connect with the film, the trip is unforgettable.
    2021: 115/801

  • Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


    One of the jewels of the 60s and a uncategorizable masterpiece of everything pop. Part trash and part genius, Meyer dictates here the future of Pulp cinema with a feast of action, boobs and unforgettable characters.
    2021: 33/801

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  • Pig



    This was a big surprise. Not only does it provide one of the finest Nicholas Cage performances in recent years (with some truly powerful scenes), but it’s also a much more existential movie than I was expecting, with a kind of poetic nature to its narration and a big emotional punch that's delivered with the lightness of a feather.
    2021: 397/801

  • Joe



    There are some connections here with A Perfect World, but even though Joe tries to play like a more gritty and down to earth portrait of doomed characters, it never reaches the storytelling heights of that one. It still features excellent performances all around, especially by the late Gary Poulter, who could have been a Lynchian actor.
    2021: 400/801