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  • How Far, How Near

    How Far, How Near


    I watched it because I expected something like "Hourglass Sanatorium". I shouldn't have. And Never will again.

    Sure it had some absurd scenes; but overall it was not enough surreal-structured for me to feel it as a dream, nightmare or etc. The cuts from events occurring in one place to another were not smart, but disjointed. The only reason that made me end up liking the movie in package was as I said, some small moments it provided times to times. Not even sure to give it another chance on a revisit, or not.

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void


    And dying would be the ultimate trip !

    Maybe not as easily defendable as Irreversible, but it was an even more admiring film for its unbelievable camera work. A harder movie too (to make, to observe and to judge).

    Here, NoΓ©'s style of filmmaking not only depicts the concepts of afterlife, reincarnation and the flash of a life's moments, but also manages to show the ugliness of Tokyo's underground world as a suitable location for the story, pretty well. A…

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  • Evolution



    Not bad; but expected much more from the director of Innocence (2004)

    This one was surely harder to figure out and enjoy. The horror works for half of its runtime, and the rest was not tangible to me. Like her great movie, Innocence, Hadzihalilovic's last feature also involves children stuck in an unknown place facing fear and danger. I believe that it might be a metaphor on a certain stage of life (as we know, or a more spiritual one).…

  • The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

    The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser


    I decided to add a review for this movie as soon as I found out that the original German title is "Every man for himself, and God against all".

    Now this title really suits it stronger. A real story about one particular character in history. Kaspar Hauser was a mysterious man who was left behind in life. When he started to learn basic stuff, it was already too late. But he tried his best to live a normal life in…