Satantango ★★★★★

It has started to rain. It won't stop 'till spring...

I don't think It would be necessary to watch every movie ever made in such subject, to acclaim that Satantango captures the still life of the people in a remote village and their hopes for a promised land, better than any other movies in cinema history.

So deep. So profound. So real. Not for a single moment I felt like I'm watching a film; the smooth camera movements couldn't have portrayed it more realistic. Thus, I wasn't sitting in my room; I was walking alongside with Irimiás and Petrina in the muddy road; Or standing near the little girl in the rain outside the pub's window, looking at people dancing inside. I've never found myself inside a movie this strongly; so I see it as an unexpected miracle.

There are lots of beauties in this movie and my writing is too poor to mention them all. It never bored me inspite of its runtime and long shots. I observed the most beautiful rain of my life and that's saying a lot.

Satantango gained my respect and trust within the first hour and by the end, became as one of the very best movies I've ever seen and will see. It's gonna always remain in my TOP 10. Everything is perfect about it and totally surpassed my expectations.

I hope I'll be able to write about it the way it deserves, one day at one of my rewatches in the future.

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