The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser ★★★★½

I decided to add a review for this movie as soon as I found out that the original German title is "Every man for himself, and God against all".

Now this title really suits it stronger. A real story about one particular character in history. Kaspar Hauser was a mysterious man who was left behind in life. When he started to learn basic stuff, it was already too late. But he tried his best to live a normal life in a society of people who surely could not understand him.

This movie is so human. It has subtle feelings and depth buried underneath the surface. When you see the world through Kaspar's eyes, everything begins to change. The importance of life and its involvements (such as caring for each other, knowledge, art, the possible necessity of logic and etc) is examined, questioned and sometimes answered.

My second experience from Herzog's works turned out as an another masterpiece. He's becoming one of my favourites already.

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