Thunderball ★★★

As a kid I hated Thunderball, so as an adult I rewatched this hoping that I’d get something out of it that maybe I missed as a child.
Nah. This is boring as hell. Such a letdown as far as the series has been going. The underwater shots probably were impressive in 1965 but as far as 2019 goes, they are just...whatever. And this film is centered around these “state of the art” underwater sequences. The film is a half an hour two long, the main bad guy is so boring, and the plot of the film is too convoluted. 
So those are the negatives but I definitely have some positives:
The women are very attractive, the jet pack is awesome in the beginning, Connery is awesome and still looks good (this might be the last time I can write that), Tom Jones sings the theme song, and this is definitely the basis for the first and second Austin Powers films. I also like how this continues to build upon the lore. You keep growing a knowledge of spectre and bond in the first four films. I don’t ever remember this being a franchise but more of a stand  alone film series.