• The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back


    It really says something that so many people are just watching almost 8 hours of these guys just fucking around and it is fascinating, and funny, and sweet, and so worth it. This was really great.

  • Oasis: Knebworth 1996

    Oasis: Knebworth 1996


    More of a concert film than a documentary. If you dig the band, you’ll dig this.

  • Zodiac



    Fincher’s masterpiece??? I think so.

  • Conspiracy Theory

    Conspiracy Theory


    With the cast and director that this has, there is no reason for it being as boring as it is. Jesus Christ. It also feels like it is never going to end.

  • Dopesick



    The last episode was garbage. The rest was pretty good.

  • Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissorhands


    I think this is peak Burton. This is his shining achievement in film. It is everything you think of when you think of his films and it’s all perfect. Really fun rewatch as always. That score is so damn good.

  • Malice



    “If you have a medical opinion, then please speak up and speak up loud. But if you ever again tell me or my surgical staff that we're going to lose a patient, I'm gonna take out your lungs with a fucking ice cream scoop.”

    This is really dumb but also really enjoyable.

  • Almost Famous

    Almost Famous


    This review is for the directors cut or extended version of the film. Not the theatrical cut which I find to be an incredible film. 

    No, this is for the extended cut of the film which adds an extra 39 minutes of completely unnecessary foot to the already kind of long film.

    The additional scenes are jarring. And 95 percent of them are really bad. Cameron Crowe at his worst bad. They add nothing but occasional exposition that really was…

  • Theo Von: Regular People

    Theo Von: Regular People

    This is really annoying. I can’t finish it. I can stomach only so much in ten minute intervals before I have to turn it off. I feel like I am just being yelled at when watching this. 


  • The Lady from Shanghai

    The Lady from Shanghai


    This film is shot so incredibly well and looks so good that I am willing forgive some shotty performances (not Welles), a not so Irish, Irish accent (Welles), and a kind of boring mid section. 

    The last thirty minutes are terrific.

  • Too Late for Tears

    Too Late for Tears


    Twenty minutes too long and the ending is absolutely ridiculous how it unfolds. But this was a lot a of fun and I dug it.

  • Fear in the Night

    Fear in the Night


    I think the first half of this works great. Second half is way different. A little more hectic. But yeah I dig the nightmare sequences in the beginning. Decent flick.