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  • Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

    Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2


    How did they even fit a split focus diopter into the budget? Maybe it doesn’t actually cost very much. The only way they could transcend the nihilism of part 1 was to break the world record for longest recap in film history. That recap which notoriously fills at least half of the runtime with footage from the first one. Zero fucks given & probably more contemptuous of the audience than any other franchise. I have to respect it for that.

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night

    Silent Night, Deadly Night


    It achieves what it sets out to be. 80 minute anti-christ. The opposite of what a christmas story is supposed to be. The opposite of how the narrative is supposed to resolve itself, even in the world of slashers.
    There is no change or redemption to be found with the characters. No commitment to a better future. The killer is stopped and he takes full responsibility for what he is, but there is no healing in the end. Feels a…

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  • The Panic in Needle Park

    The Panic in Needle Park


    Love the poster for this one.
    Some of my favorite films were released in 1971; so this month, I've decided to work my way through watching Letterboxd's highest rated films for that year. Panic in Needle Park isn't among the highest rated on this site, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be; dismal and unpalatable as it is.

    I'm usually not a fan of the genre; I just don't like seeing needles going into arms and people getting…

  • The Unknown Known

    The Unknown Known


    “I wanna make a list of things I’ve done for the Pentagon, including getting rid of words.” – Donald Rumsfeld

    Unlike 'Fog of War', this was never meant to be some cathartic exposé that aims to make Rumsfeld feel accountable for his blunders. Before even watching it, I knew this wouldn't be the case. I've seen enough Rumsfeld interviews to know that Morris wouldn't have gotten very far, even if he tried. As predicted, Rumsfeld remained self-satisfied with what he…