The Talk of the Town

i enjoyed this film quite a bit for the first three quarters, a laidback screwball that's carried beautifully by three effortlessly charming and funny leads (who are all hot and who should've had a threesome imo). it was just delightful to see jean arthur's shelley's anxiety about grant's leopold hiding out in her home compound greatly with colman's law professor's arrival, and there were so many moments that i just found hilarious in the releases of her nervous tension. but i also found the companionship that these three shared to feel super genuine and heartwarming. like i said, i really wanted them to all fuck!

by the last quarter, though, where it becomes a mr. smith goes to washington retread (same writer, too!), i honestly found it to fall apart. the film definitely maintains the same level of emotional investment, but politically it enters this weird "we must uphold the law!" phase marked by compromise and rousing speeches that was just way too didactic for me.

but, honestly, the central trio is just so good that i can say i really enjoyed this overall.

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