Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★★★

Bruce Wayne looks at low quality airport style images on a TV and concludes that these could have only been created by extracting brain waves, and he is completely correct. movie’s filled with shit like this. it’s not really interested in being a detective movie (the closest it gets is Bruce looking at the riddles) or even really an action movie since all the focus in combat is on Batman’s aesthetic than the physical engagements, it’s all about sheer vibes. Bruce Wayne/Batman is tortured but he’s that in a sexy way, he is the peak of physical perfection, both a dashing billionaire and a leather clad hero of the night. he is the perfect synthesis of two fantasies with the suffering bad boy demeanour being the cohesion between them. Batman is as much as a fantasy of power as it is a treatise on it, the best stories come from the balance of power’s responsibilities and drawbacks while also fulfilling the aesthetic engagement and coolness of holding it. this movie doesn’t care about the balance, it cares solely about Batman as an idea of fetishisation, he is the representation of desire and his only growth is being able to bring another man into his web of violence and glamour. whether it’s Chase Meridian half naked on a rooftop or Drew Barrymore telling Bruce Wayne that he can “call her anything he wants.” Batman exists as celebrity, as sex, as the physical obtainment of all that you could want to fuck and want to be in this neon gothic nightmare. the film’s approach to narrative progression is Chase wanting to fuck Bruce more than Batman, that’s not how character development works! in the end, he defeats his villains of the week in an explosion of greens and purples, and moves on to the next madmen on the streets, eventually the next girl to believe he loves for a while, and will exist in perpetuity as something to lust over, and someone with nothing left inside. Batman Forever views Batman in the simplest possible way, almost blatantly depicting what a 10 year old’s ideal for the character would be, yet in the process, actually gets to some of the core of why there’s been Batman stories for so many years. it’s interesting to see someone with all the power and glamour and potential for love in the world keep trying to fill his emptiness, there’s always the hope that he’ll succeed finally, that one day his demons will be buried. but for now, let’s enjoy the neon ride of horniness and camp, and put off the empty feeling of trauma for one more night.

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