Ready Player One

thought i had more words for this but its toxicity, wretched misogyny and noxious nerd culture bullshit speaks for itself blatantly, its mishandling of physical abuse and depictions of scars, the heteronormative experience taken to the utmost extreme to the extent where i felt like i could hear ernest cline call me a faggot, the garish filmmaking and exposition loaded screenplay combined with obnoxious performances and the worst score since burwell’s electric guitar laden monstrosity on wonderstruck, and the broken pacing making the experience feel both endless and pointless. all of these things are obvious, excruciating and offensive and sickening and all left me in a state of genuine shock and disgust from witnessing it, but the icing on the bloody cake is the autistic coded caricature from mark rylance giving the worst performance of my lifetime, making me feel dehumanised and inhuman like i have so often in these last few years, as i have whenever people suppress my identity or mock me for my condition or make me feel like a broken piece of shit to be fixed or cured, but i am not the piece of shit here. this movie is the result of the worst elements of masculinity, of the fetishisation and hatred of women and queers present in nerd culture and the transformation of genuine love of pop culture to bragging rights and meaningless iconography, and combined with some of the most personally sickening elements imaginable that left me feeling like a kid again, seeing the big bang theory on television and wondering why they were laughing at his torment. i fundamentally do not understand why anyone likes this, it sickens me to my core and if you are my friend and haven’t seen this, i urge you, even if you think you might like it, to not do that and further the spread of this pain i feel in my chest and heart. i am so sick of feeling like i am the problem, like i am the one that’s fucked beyond repair. i am so tired of feeling inhuman.

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