The Straight Story ★★★★★

people who don't think this is lynchian through and through are simply wrong honestly, it taps into the core themes of his work, the love and empathy that human beings can share with each other in spite of or because of trauma and pain, and that there is beauty all around us, even if it takes a 300 mile lawnmower ride to fully witness this. cried about 50 times, but one of those movies that makes your soul heal, that gives you the elixir to your suffering, a film that only david lynch could have made and legitimately one of the most moving cinematic or just artistic experiences i've been fortunate enough to experience. also a few other things, the handling of sissy spacek's character was mesmerising in that it showcased a person with disabilities who was not looked down by those in the film around her, or by the camera, instead as a fully rounded human being with thoughts and feelings who's just not the same as everyone else. the bar sequence has one of the greatest performances of all time from richard farnsworth and the use of audio to amplify, what is essentially a monologue adds so much insight into the man's character and to the primal devastation of the scene, he can still hear the bombs going off and the bullets flying even after 50 years. the fact that there was never any threat of someone stealing from him or taking advantage of him, and that every interaction he has with someone he bumps into on the way is civil and insightful even if not necessarily positive. it's a truly optimistic view of humanity but one that doesn't ignore personal and spiritual pain and long term regrets, this seems to just accept the pains of existence and tries to see beyond to the meaning of what makes this world worth it. and that's just remarkable.

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