Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

Another in a long line of this year's American summer blockbuster line-up that's full of potential and full of failure.

This isn't a movie. It's a series of loosely connected trailers and clips, each with their own distinct background tune, for some future, potentially, enjoyable movie about a group of wacky, villainous misfits who crack wise and learn to work together. You expect this future movie to feature things like character development, scene-to-scene cohesion, and some sort of tonal consistency. And you hope this movie won't be a complete mess, a total disappointment and a waste of time. You don't expect this movie to have multiple introductions for the same characters while missing out entirely on others. You expect a lot of things, really, good things, things ultimately Suicide Squad doesn't have.

On the plus side, much like Batman v Superman, I enjoyed seeing these superheroes on screen. I think they're an interesting group of 'meta-humans'. Much like Affleck as Batman, Leto as the Joker wasn't uninspired. One day, hopefully, maybe the two will feature in a decent movie, perhaps even together.

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