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  • Canary



    I like so much of what this movie is doing but something about using apartheid as a backdrop just felt gross. It's one of those things where I almost think you just need to straight up ignore it if you aren't actually going to put a little more effort into addressing it.

    Cutting out the seemly random reminders that the military choir you're rooting for is actually the South African army trying to keep apartheid in place would probably also…

  • The Jane Austen Book Club

    The Jane Austen Book Club


    I really need to find time and attention to prioritize some of the serious cinema on my watchlist. But I've been having a lot of mindless tasks at work that let me go through some of the fluff where I feel like I won't miss anything major by looking away and here we are.

    Also I have maybe finished one Jane Austen novel ever, even though I read a decent amount, so my feelings on this film probably don't matter…

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  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden

    Straight men aren't allowed to make movies about queer women anymore since they don't know how to do it without adding extended and exploitative porn to the middle. The end.

    (I'll probably add a real review eventually and up the star rating slightly but right now I'm still too angry.)

    I wonder how I would have felt if I wasn't a fan of the book, if the twists would have been enough to cause me to overlook the problems or…

  • Carrie Pilby

    Carrie Pilby


    52 Films By Women - Ultimate Challenge Week 15: North America

    I found this, as a whole, a quite endearing, relatable coming of age film. (I wish more media focused at young adults would come out a little more explicitly against male characters taking advantage of their age or position to sleep with younger women, but I’ve seen worse.)

    The most interesting part of this experience for me personally though is that I’ve read quite a bit on the “unlikability”…