Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

Review Contains Spoilers

Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood has to be one of the most fun movies ever. I watched this a while back and remember having one of the most fun watching experiences ever. It was great! Now I got to re-watch it for only the second time but it still holds up! The direction is superb. This film is one of the reasons Tarantino is one of my favourite directors. The cinematography is great, the camera and lighting techniques are so good as well. I appreciate the subtle things in this movie and that's really what I love about it. It's attention to detail. I love when a movie can go for an extra mile and have this much attentiveness. There are quite a couple of other good films that have it, and supposedly that I haven't seen yet. Can't wait to dive right into the film journey I'm in. Anyway the performances are very good as well. This movie is basically almost an all-rounder. I do like that I'll say.

This movie has it all. It's fun to watch whole being very good. It has great vibes and feels. As I said my first time watching this film was amazing. I might be bias about it but it would still be good either way. It's a real hangout movie. It's fun to just watch and relax. It may have a long runtime but it goes by as fast as you can say the title of this movie. It's also really edgy at times. When Cliff Booth goes into Spaun Ranch, it's so eerie. We can see Cliff's idea of the place and it goes from hillarious to creepy to hilarious again. So when Cliff arrives and meets the hippies at Spaun Ranch, it's funny, when he goes inside the house, it's creepy, when he leaves and punches a hippy so hard he almost dies, it is surprisingly funny. I guess on a review it sounds weird to say that's funny but the way Tarantino does it, it just works. But also the fact that the Manson family is involved makes it even creepier. Basically this has a good mix of a lot of the things I'd like in a movie which is why I consider it a favourite.

The performances here are pretty good. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt have such chemistry. Their bromance is off the charts and really fun to watch. Although we see their journey's alone most of the time, when the two are together it's so enjoyable. Especially the ending, oh the ending. It's so hilarious but when you think about it, it's so dark. When Rick Dalton pulls out a blow-torch and other stuff happens, it's crazy but excellent. It's what you wouldn't expect. Margot Robbie is phenomenal as always. Her performance as Sharon Tate is definitely pretty good. She isn't even in the film for very long but every scene she's in is hers. It's sad that the fact that Sharon died the same night in reality the films purpose. First time watching I knew that we were gonna witness the actual killings of what happened. But instead, Cliff and Rick were around. It's Tarantino's altered history. While the real thing was devastating, Tarantino managed to just make it all better. Hell yeah, what an ending.

Overall, Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood is definitely a favourite film of mine. I have nostalgia for this movie and when it came out. 2019 was an amazing year for movies. The fact that this one is probably in my Top 3 makes sense right? I mean so many good films came out. Tarantino really knows how to make a film. The acting, directing and the whole slice of life thing this movie has for it is great. It's what I love about the film. Definitely give it a watch, I may be bias because of the memories I have with this movie but even if that went away, this movie is surely phenomenal!