Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

Score: 90%

“Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.”

A romantic-comedy, a coming-of-age story; two things this film titles but when I think of this movie, those two terms are not well defined. It's more than just a 'coming-of-age' story, it's more surreal with many high notes of a fantasy element. It takes things to a higher stake and leaves us with many emotions. It's the most different of that genre and possibly one of the best. It's more than just a romantic-comedy. To me the film gathers a much more powerful romance and hints of comedy. The love story shown here is shown in the most bizarre, different but best way possible. The love story is shown where two complete strangers bodies switch? That's right, and it's phenomenal. If that's not different. Wait for the end; The Meeting On The Mountain, that is just art. We'll get into that later in the review though. My point is that this film is different, beautiful and engaging making it one of my new favourite animated films ever made.

Your Name. is remarkable and wonderfully crafted by its creators. It may be animated, but you can really see what this film accomplishes that other animated movies can't. The voice acting is so good (Japanese by the way. Watched in sub). Just from their voice to the character they are embodying you can feel so much and just see what good performances they're giving. The animation is obviously some of the best I've seen. I'd even go as far as to say it's better than some of the Ghibli films I've seen. It's breathtaking, each shot is. The story complements it to be one of the most vibey and awesome experiences. I had a great time watching this, alone in the dark with the astonishing visuals staring at me. It made me like it more, and when I look at how I watched this I can't help but be privileged. It's almost perfection in an all. The movie has a lot of themes that make me love it more. First off, the story itself is one of the most thematically interesting and exciting things I've seen. I went into it blind, but I did know something about body switching. That's it though, the rest of it was new to me. But the execution of everything was just was just so good. It's not the most perfect movie, like their are flaws presented but I feel it would mean nothing me going into it now, maybe on a re-watch review or so. Anyway, yes this movie is amazing. One of my new favourite scenes in film is taken from this piece of art. I say, The Meeting On The Mountain. What this scene gives us in emotion, story and visuals are probably some of the best of anything I've seen in Anime. This is when the story gets darker and more surreal but still keeps in tact it's fantasy elements that we loved form the start. Now the darker bit of the film (the late second and third act?) is bonkers. We go from having much fun to still having much fun but with a touch of every other emotion. I loved these parts, and The Meeting On The Mountain surely presented everything the film waited for in a beautiful way that is mesmerizing to watch. The climax and the best part. Your Name. is truly an achievement.

I hope my thoughts don't change, and if it does, I hope I end up liking it more. This film is one of the best I've seen, and you can add it to my favourites collection. Probably in my Top 10 animated? We'll see. The movie is basically perfect, other than some flaws which include a plot-hole which I did notice (no you're not crazy there is a plot-hole). The execution of it is amazing, the idea and story is probably one of the best movies thematically. Everything is so vibey and it's more than a film, it's an experience, a very good one. Your Name. is an achievement in cinema, and one that everyone should watch.