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  • Chungking Express
  • City of God
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Life of Brian

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  • My Cousin Vinny


  • Lessons of Darkness


  • The Aroma of Tea


  • Father and Daughter


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  • Dogs of War!

    Dogs of War!


    Surprising to see a comedy about children re-enacting trench warfare — complete with homemade gas masks, metal helmets, an artillery piece, and a tank with working treads — fought with rotten vegetables and firecrackers as ammunition made just five years after the 1918 Armistice ended the First World War, but that battle only lasts through the first third of the picture. The rest involves the Our Gang kids infiltrating West Coast Studios (the actual grounds of Hal Roach Studios), wreaking…

  • A Sailor-Made Man

    A Sailor-Made Man


    Harold the idle rich Boy proposes marriage to The Girl on a whim, joins the Navy to prove that he can hold a job, and wins the approval of her busy industrialist father after rescuing her from the Maharajah of Khairpura-Bhandanna (an imaginary Oriental blend of Turkey and India close enough to the USA for a small private sailboat to pay a quick visit just when Harold happens to get shore leave there). The basic premise of a hapless wealthy…

Popular reviews

  • Naomi Osaka

    Naomi Osaka


    “I think the amount of attention that I get is kind of ridiculous.”
    – Naomi Osaka

  • The Ladies Man

    The Ladies Man


    The Jerry Lewis shtick in this picture boils down to him crossing his eyes, changing his speaking volume abruptly, falling down, and breaking or spilling or smearing stuff clumsily, so why the big fancy soundstage set? After the camera sails around for the first morning tour to ogle the dolls and witness their parade down the stairs to breakfast, that even-larger-than-life-size dollhouse never factors into the rest of the story or any of the gags. Hardly any of the many ladies do either, because Herbert H. Heebert has to be seen and heard first and foremost rather than a bunch of interchangeable and mostly nameless broads.