Regular Show: The Movie ★★★

So random of me to watch this, but I kind of liked it. It's not good as the show, which was my favorite from Cartoon Network, but it's a movie and it does some nice things as one. But really, this is so random! Imagine Regular Show: The Movie popping up on your feed, how often does that happen? Ha, me too.

J.G. Quintel's Regular Show was a considerably more mature series for kids, starring a talking blue jay, raccoon, gumball machine, lollipop humanoid, yeti, a green fella, and a ghost. All unique personalities working jobs at the park encountering normally abnormal situations everyday. Like I said, out of all the Cartoon Network shows, this was my favorite one growing up along with The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time. Whenever I see it on television now, I don't mind stopping by and finishing up a couple of episodes. So finding out they made a film about it intrigued me and I finally saw it on a whim today.

Unexpectedly dark and a little emotional, Regular Show: The Movie follows Mordecai, Rigby, and the rest of the park guys as they travel back in time to undo the creation of a timenado that threatens to wipe out all of time. Secrets and regrets are exposed as not only the fate of the entire universe are in danger, but also the central friendship of the two main characters. The film is a kid-friendly and pretty enjoyable time about the importance of honesty and saying sorry. I wouldn't say that's all there is to it but that's the core point.

The movie definitely felt like a movie. While the shorter format works best for Regular Show, the creators did a good job of coming up with a story and making it work as a film. Things like music and writing are a lot more 'cinematic' than usual. The pacing was surprisingly perfect. Character arcs were done well and it knew where to focus. The animation is great too.

It's not the best film-- it's decent-- but fans of the show like me would find this more entertaining than most. Not as funny as the show but the humor was solid for the most part. This also didn't rely much on Skip's character, voiced by the one and only Mark Hamill, who holds great knowledge of the universe, to resolve the intergalactic conflict, which was good but Skips deserved much better lines. Would've liked to see more characters involved as well. There are moments of cringe but what can I expect from a Cartoon Network movie? Again, not the best movie but I'm good with it overall.

Did y'all grow up with CN too? If so, what was your favorite show?
That's all for now, a short(er) review for a short movie. Have a great day everyone!

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