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Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare is the second film in Daiei's 'Yokai' trilogy, and is even better than the first one. An ancient Babylonian vampire-demon called 'Daemon' is unintentionally unleashed from his tomb by grave robbers in the 1600's, he then hitches a ride on a European sailing ship to Japan and posseses the body of a kindly lord. A Kappa (the turtle-like water imp) who lives in the pond of the lord's house can see that the lord is actually…

This is a clearly a very low budget film, but I’ll be damned if they don’t stretch that budget as they can. This is a really good occult horror film. I got shades of Martha Marcy May Marlene and Kill List throughout. The atmosphere they create is really creepy, and I loved the soundtrack. They use a lot of non-professional actors throughout, and it gives the entire film this quasi-documentary feel that ups the tension much. Plus, you get extended Larry Fessenden action, and that dude makes any project immediately 1000x better. Definitely do yourself a favor and check this one out.

It says on the cover that this was intended as a kids film. I’d have been traumatised if I’d watched this shit as a kid.

Brilliant fun, Rubin knows how to strike the right balance between horror and comedy, acknowledging the absurdity of the central premise whilst never making fun of it or descending into parody, just as he did previously with Zombeavers.

The plot mirrors Childs Play heavily in places (both original and remake) but is still plenty of fun. The performances are great and the deaths deliciously ridiculous.

Exactly what a fun horror comedy should be.

"I'm not delicious! Go away!"




You really never do forget your gwilliam..

Evil Ed

Evil Ed


The GORE !!! Oh the glorious gore.
I loved noticing all the references in this film! This is a love letter to 80’s horror, and I’m all for it. 
Really enjoyed my time watching this film :)

Seriously these movies continue to just be so emotional and intense, making fantastic samurai films; and then topping it off with some kaiju action. What could be better?