• The United Way

    The United Way


    I want Eric the King to narrate my life.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

    Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In


    Football, bloody hell.

  • The Mauritanian

    The Mauritanian


    Tahar Rahim’s killing it this year 👌

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    The director came out a while ago with a key piece of info about who'd win.

    And all I could think was: "So that was a fucking Lie."

  • Goal!



    In its own words, this movie is “full ham”.

  • WandaVision


    We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch!

    - Mike Erhmantraut

  • Snakes on a Plane

    Snakes on a Plane

    The first like 20 minutes aren’t even on a plane or in an airport and there’s no snakes and there’s a terrible needless plot about yakuza snakes and I hate it.

    There’s some fun stuff on the plane but the ‘toughest son of a bitch’ Sam Jackson ever knew went out like a pussy and I’m not even sure if that was a joke or what but yeah, I hated that too.

  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


    Imagine if in Inception every time someone said ‘Inception’ it was replaced by ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’.

    I think I was in the cinema with my Dad to see the new Sherlock Holmes in 2011 when I first saw the trailer for this movie and I remember thinking “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen! Who on earth would want to watch a movie about that?” Turns out it was me, a decade later, because this movie slaps.

  • Songbird



    I really enjoyed this movie while I was watching it, great world building and fun performances. 

    When it ended I was like wtf where’s the third act? Don’t know if I just lost track of the structure somewhere but it felt like the last 25 minutes were missing and the loose plot threads never really dovetailed well enough.

    I liked it. It was a good watch that ended too abruptly. I would have given it 5 stars if that girl had just killed her nan when she got sick and saved Archie Andrews all the trouble.

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    This movie makes Marriage Story look like The Parent Trap.

    (This review is intended as neither an insult to Marriage Story or The Parent Trap.)

  • The Undoing

    The Undoing

    Good acting, naf ending.

  • The Serpent

    The Serpent


    The fake passports weren't that good but Jenna Coleman and Tahar Rahim (entirely new to me and very impressive) were really great.

    Thought the first episode was a bit boring compared to the others but great stuff overall.