Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★½

This is like the perfect 2 hour ad for Thor Ragnarock, because you'll wish the whole time you were watching that instead of this.

This movie is pathetic. I have not much else to say about it in all honesty. Tessa and Hemsworth are the only thing that makes this movie as entertaining and charming as it is. From a storytelling and writing department, this is one of the clunkiest films I've seen in ages. I can tell you aspects of filmmaking I loved in Godzilla and Aladdin even though overall those films are messy. Can't tell you anything beyond the cast here that actually works. There's some cool creatures, but when there's no pay off to anything you set up in your movie, bad action sequences, stupid jokes and incomprehensible story, you've got a film that's just an absolute bomb.

Toy Story 4, please save us from this absolute lackluster Summer movie season.