This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection ★★★★★

The 68½ Melbourne International Film Festival Online - Film Seven

The Sublime Squealing of Sorrow

Strange storytelling in the most deliciously comprehensible way. Death-dress Grandma kicking the assess of men half her age; a weird and exhilarating depiction of grief and community and the sorrow of losing your land and your home and your loved ones and your history; wailing for each with an equally fierce screaming pitch. I'll kill the Coronavirus for getting in the way of this film. Its fabulous sense of collective spirit and uprising would have made it awesome to watch in the cinema with others. I shifted to about eight different positions in my room, trying to get the best experience for this film at home. Fair to say I loved it to death. This film is my Yomeddine or Give Me Liberty of the MIFF year; crushed it.

Rest In Peace, Mary Twala, you legend.

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