• Chronicle



    “Basically, human beings have to recognize themselves as beings of pure will.“

    For a $12 million budget, this has incredible production value and visual effects. Experimenting visually is a big aspect of Chronicle’s success, especially in how it uses found-footage filmmaking and involving the camera in the narrative as much as possible, almost as its own character by being an extension of the three lead actors and their journeys. But beyond the fascinating visual front, there’s also a moving story…

  • Tenet




    Tenet, or as I like to call it, Cinema (with a capital C).

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Snyder, my goat.

    Happy Batman Day!

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    “There’s a weight a man can accrue. The weight created by his past actions. It is a weight which can never be removed.”

    The word ‘past’ connotes a belief and meaning that it is behind us, gone, but the existence of a past negates that very connotation; in some way or form, the past is always attached to us, with us in the present, following us into the future. It’s always tied to us and our fates, ours actions create…

  • Old



    I love Shyamalan, he’s a master of his craft. Imagine being a 6 year old and ageing decades in a few hours, going through the complex waves of emotions that arise with maturity, growth and age, as well as going through the tides of loss and death that sweep life with age and time. Shyamalan captures the trauma and the complexity of such a process with certainty, and it is exhibited with a vocal humanity at its core.

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    “Earth, wind, fire, water. Oh, no. They joined forces like the Power Rangers.” 
    “You're thinking of Voltron.”

    I actually really like Spider-Man: Far From Home. There is a very individual kind of heart at its core that makes it so grounded, despite everything else feeling much larger, like Mysterio’s illusions and his plan. I know it does feel like Homecoming is the more grounded approach to the character, but I actually say this one feels more grounded because of how…

  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


    “Consider your origins, you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.”

    Si vis pacem, para bellum - if you want peace, prepare for war. Parabellum defines John Wick’s third outing, his survival translating into a preparation for war, a bounty that concludes Wick’s life as forfeited by the hands of the high table and breaching its regulations and codes of honour and conduct. Amps up the scale of Wick’s enduring journey through hell on…

  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    “You stabbed the devil in the back and forced him back into the life that he had just left. You incinerated the priest's temple. Burned it to the ground. Now he's free of the marker, what do you think he'll do? He had a glimpse of the other side and he embraced it.”

    My John Wick rewatch is turning out to be a very wise decision, I enjoyed this a lot. A very cool action film with its own badass…

  • First Man

    First Man


    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    Damien Chazelle became one of my favourites after the magical realism of La La Land, and he was already someone I admired after the intense fervour of his big breakthrough film, Whiplash. But it was First Man - a film I first witnessed in IMAX amidst my second year of experiencing the London Film Festival (the sole film I did see in between all the festival films) - that…

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Cumberbatch plays Phil with an enduring, unyielding ferocity, that comes to play as the rawest but most brutal form of sincerity. It’s a wonder to constantly see Cumberbatch’s imposing performance juxtaposed by that of a commiserated performance from Kirsten Dunst. 

    Kodi Smit-McPhee is a welcome surprise, his presence is a constant surge of latent unpredictability and awareness, seemingly surfacing only enough to be pulled into the mysterious core of his character, whilst never disclosing too much of his enigma.


  • Johnny English Reborn

    Johnny English Reborn


    "But then you're not a linguist, are you, Tucker? It's not 'Susan', it's 'Shushan’.”

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    “Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.”

    You mess with John Wick and you’re playing the devil’s cards in his own personal hell. Stuntman-become-director Chad Stahelski deserves all the praise for this, he directs the hell out of it, and his eye for action and stunts is certainly evinced in his vision and execution of the film, in how the badass action and physicality folds into John Wick’s personal narrative. Liked this much more than when I watched this for the first…