Inferno ★★★★½

Watching an Argento film really tends to remind me where my priorities lie as a consumer of cinema. I am, in my heart, someone who privileges filmmaking as such, the audiovisual, cinematic form. It's why I'm drawn to non narrative film, or to films that emphasize the non narrative even if they might still technically have something like a narrative. Argento tends to fit in this latter camp. Supernatural horror stories that border on, if not outright cross into Antirationalist/mystical events which serve as excuses for the filmmaker to explore their love for opulent, morbid imagery. And argentos love for images is so infectious and downright fun that I can't help but love him in turn. His work is simultaneously rich and silly. Symphonic camp. It plays into my sensibilities fully, but I doubt there are many verbally oriented filmwatchers who would count this among their favorites.

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