Sibyl ★★★★½

I really kind of loved this film. Looks like I'm way over the median rating once again, but that's cool.

This film was (I believe) the final film to screen at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. If there has been a higher quality year than that year at Cannes, I don't think it happened in my lifetime. Parasite. Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Once Upon a Hollywood. Atlantics. Les Miserables. Bacurau. Pain and Glory. Sorry We Missed You. And those are just the ones I've seen (plus Little Joe which does not belong in that group in my opinion). I loved all of those films and add Sibyl to the list.

It's trashy. It's fun. But there is some depth to it. The character of Sibyl, a psychiatrist trying to shed patients, attempts to use her actress/patient as the basis of for next novel. It's not quite that simple, as she is the one who becomes the one being used in ways she may not understand or recognize.

I don't see this film reaching a large audience. Even for people into Cannes, it was pretty much lost among the heavy hitters. But now that it is available in virtual cinemas, I hope people seek it out and enjoy it for what it is. A very fun melodrama that does not take itself too seriously and is a hoot to watch. If nothing else, watch it for Sandra Huller's performance as an "exasperated" film director. A performance of the year for sure.

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