Stalker ★★★★★

Stalker: Accept It

If You Have Read Andrei Tarkovsky's Riveting Book "Sculpting In Time" You Will Already Know That The Man Exists On Another Plain Of Existence Than The Rest Of Us, I Hold Him In Very High Regard And Anyone Who Has Seen His Movies Does Also, The Man Is A Genius, There Are No Amount Of Superlatives To Describe Him, What Tarkovsky Does Here With "Stalker" Is Transcendental, He Transcends Reality, He Transcends This World And Our Existence, He Achieves Complete Spiritual And Existential Transcendence.

The Cinematography Has A Conscience, It's Alive, You Feel Each And Every Inch Of This Movie, On A Spiritual And Existential Level And Finally On A Emotional Level, "Stalker" Is Perhaps Tarkovsky's Masterpiece, And That Is A Very Tough Decision To Make, Looking At His Filmography You Come Across Nothing But Perfection, He May Have The Most Perfect Filmography Of Any Director In Cinematic History, What His Filmography Entails His Existentialism To Such An Extent That Is Very Much Beyond Our Realm Of Senses, Tarkovsky Exists In His Is Own Universe, One We Can Not Fully Understand No Matter How Hard We Try Or Want To, Tarkovsky Is An Spiritual Alien, An Extraterrestrial Of Sorts.

I Bring Up His Opus "Sculpting In Time" Again, In It He Brings Up A Lot Of Existential Points And Anecdotes, He Talks In Such An Intelligent Way I Would Be Lying If I Said I Understood Everything He Brought Up, Back To "Stalker" This Movie Is Beyond Fully Understanding, At Least For Me, I've Seen All Tarkovsky's Movies And Again Would Be Lying If I Said I Understood Them Completely, But This Trouble In Understanding Does Not Hinder The Movie, It Actually Makes It More Enjoyable, Trying To Decipher Everything Happening In This Movie Is An Enjoyable If At Times Frustrating Experience.

The Genius Of "Stalker" Is Existentialism, It's Spiritualism And It's Emotional, The Scope Of This Movie is Breathtaking And Kind Of Intimidating, This Isn't The Longest Movie Ever Made But It Has The Breath Of A Movie Twice It's Length, The Power Of This Movie Looms Over You, Like A Dark Cloud On A Rainy Day, It Taunts You, And Most Of All It Scares You, This Movie Is Terrifying, Emotionally, Tarkovsky Opts For A Dream Instead Of Reality But At The Same Time Makes This Movie Very Real And Grounded In Reality, It's Very Confusing But Again It's A Fun Kind Of Confusion, The Key To Understanding "Stalker" Is To Understand That You Can Not Understand It, Accept It, Give Into It, Drown In It And Maybe, Just Maybe You'll Survive.

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