Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★½

My best celebrity sighting was in 2011 when I was walking with my dad near Santa Monica pier and Arnie Schwarzenegger rode past us on a bike. Granted, we mostly saw the back of his head, but dad and I literally turned to each other and said his name at the same time, so it was definitely him, no doubts. And today I saw a picture of him on a bike again in Santa Monica with Greta Thunberg, so it was 100% him. This might be no big deal if you live in LA, or America, but I don’t so it was a very big deal. The next biggest celebrity spotting I’ve had was the first winner of Australian Idol at the airport coming back from Bali, less impressive. Anywho I had somehow forgotten about this Arnie encounter until I watched him riding around on his motorbike in T2 last night. Memories.

To be honest I think prefer the first one. This has a bigger budget, the original almost feels like an indie by comparison. There’s something to be said for a sequel that doesn’t originate from financial obligation and is actually well thought out, and brings something new to the franchise. Great villain, Hamilton again is a badass, but for poor old Ed Furlong, destined for those “Where are they now?” slideshows, this was maybe too much too soon, he looks so sweet but is in over his head. Read his Wikipedia page and wish I hadn't, sad story. Wasn’t fully in the mood, needs a re-watch, but I like the simplicity of the first, I am Team Terminator One.

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