Goodbye to Language ★★★★★

Reviewed for Cinema Scope here.

That's ~7% of what I currently have to say about this film. I'm by no means "a Godard," (of the 19 other features of his I've seen to date, my current second favourite is Alphaville, which scores a stingy 6.7 on the Richter scale) but for my money this is, in 2014 and ~3250 films into my cinephilia, the greatest cinematic achievement I have seen. That it made me burst into tears, for reasons still mostly unknown to me, a full three minutes after the lights came up is more a product of, rather than a reason for, that estimation. But I've only seen two films each by John Ford and Howard Hawks, so take that hyperbole with however much salt you wish. I have seen roughly a dozen Nathaniel Dorsky films, though, and Goodbye to Language made me think and feel the way his films are supposed to make me think and feel; bonus points for working in a formal and aesthetic register that wasn't possible fifty (or even ten) years ago.

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