The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★½

It's been there done that kind of story, but you will also get :

- super slick animations
- neat dysfunctional family story; with focusing on the child - father relationship that is my very weakness
- lovable characters;
- relatable main character; I was an art school student who always get complaint about my seems-alike no future, especially growing in third-world country.
- dad that obsessed on fixing everything, but not his family, although he’s actually trying.
- super mom that can beat son goku when she's in berserk mode
- little brother that's a geek, which my little bro also has similar traits
- dog that looking like pig or dog or loaf of bread?
- confused siri
- mark zuckerberg that is steve jobs having a company named paypal
- even more confused robots that considered themselves as humans
- john legend and chrissy teigen as your politely enviable neighbour
- tonnes of edgy culture pop references
- le tigre, talking heads, etc as soundtracks
- freakin road trip to decimate silicon valley
- superbly bombastic extravagant finale
- jokes that mostly hit than it misses
- emotional last 40 mins, full of sobbing of mixed feeling of sad & proud
- everyone can watch from babies to elderly, and most likely they will appreciate the movie

What's not to like?

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