Tenet ★★★½

Okay so, me being able to see Tenet has been an entire journey. Let's look at a break down of my day:
- Thriving only on a few hours of sleep.
- Bus departs sooner than planned, results in me missing said bus.
- Waiting for new bus for ages. (meanwhile stressing about missing the screening)
- Bus finally arrives, I get to the metro which takes me to the city.
- I walk from metro to cinema.
- Get to the cinema, only to find out the commercials have already started.
- I walk to my seat to find out that someone has taken my seat.
- Me being too awkward to say something to the guy who has taken my seat, so I find another one.
- Couple in front of me keeps talking to each other throughout entire film.
- Girl get's up multiple times. (results in me being annoyed)
- Film finally starts, me being not a sci-fi fan is fully confused during the first act. second & third act action scenes make up for said confusion during first act.
- Robert Pattinson and John David Washington have impeccable chemistry on screen.