The Hunt

The Hunt ½

The Hunt feels like a movie that wants to be “controversial” for the sake of being “controversial”. It barely commits to anything it wants to say beyond “hey guys have you noticed that conservatives and liberals have different beliefs and act different???”, as if the viewers have never been on the internet for more than five seconds. Really unsure of what this movie is even trying to prove. It’s extreme violence just feels pointless, and doesn’t add anything to the “message”. There’s really nothing to cry home about technical wise either. None of the performances were very good, the film struggles immensely to balance its tone, and I just found it incredibly boring and irritating. I’m sure this movie is good fun if you just want to see a bunch of people get killed in violent ways but this is just a meaningless film that I found to be a waste of my time, which is perhaps the greatest crime of all.

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