Mononoke ★★★★

Bold for them to have such a go for broke style over such a long format. It’s a unique aesthetic, and especially intense if you’re less than sober. 

Really groovy soundtrack, which feels weird compared to the art house ghost tales on display. 

The predominant narrative, across the parts, is that women get screwed over and that shit ain’t cool, causes demons n stuff (and is just bad, ya know?) 

Hercule Poirot meets Kwaidan, on acid.


Medicine vendors fell off, not a single one of my pharmacists have exorcised any of my demons. Absolutely slacking.

First watched this on extremely not sober nights with my Uni flatmates. It’s a lot.

Has real old school folktale vibes, supplemented by the old feeling art style. 

Don’t know about the whole first arc.  Still sussing that out. 

Damn, a whole Jungian shadow arc. Main lesson being that you become a chad twink when you reunite with your shadow self. (Given the Mononoke root themselves essentially in suppressed/repressed trauma, I suppose this could apply to more than the Boat arc). 

Might actually be weirder to watch sober? Seems more absurd?

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