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  • Tideland



    A grim ferry tale seen from a child's eyes.

    This is the most underrated Gilliam film. I don't know why this was not accepted. From the start of the film you have a great dose of black humor, tense scenes and incredible acting by Jodelle Ferland. The tense atmosphere is ascending and it has a great balance with the heartfelt moments, even though they can be a bit disturbing.

    It's great just to see what this girl is experiencing through…

  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    Fuck Marvel's Iron Man. The next time someone mentions Iron Man, this will be the first film that's gonna pop up in my head.

    Combine Akira, Lynch and Cronenberg and the result will be the twisted gorgeously disgusting world that is in Tetsuo. It has the simplest plot, with minimal dialog, yet it evokes more emotions than a lot of the films that have more complex plots. The cinematography and editing are brilliant and way ahead of their time and collide them with the beautiful industrial score, you'll get a unique film, just like Tetsuo.