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  • Godzilla


    The giant, earth shaking monsters do a lot of sneaking up on people for a movie that is allegedly better than Godzilla (1998). I saw an interesting review that said the one dimensional humans were actually representations of our unaccepted insignificance in the universe and we’re definitely on purpose. If that’s the case, was ATJ the only one who was told that’s the movie he was in? Because I would have made everyone but Ken Watanabe talk like the Peanuts adults.

    Good action when it gets there though!

  • Bride of the Monster

    Bride of the Monster

    Seems like it will transition into the porn parody of itself at any moment. Pretty good!

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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    This rewatch taught me that Adam Sandler did not step up to be in a PTA drama. PTA stepped up to make an Adam Sandler comedy. They combine their expertise to make what I currently believe to be a perfect movie. I’ll never know the “purpose” of the Harmonium but I know that Barry does. And one day when he can put the words together he’ll tell Lena all about it.

  • Hereditary



    I haven’t seen actors with this level of disregard for what they look like on camera since Magnolia. I’m so glad I have this on DVD so I can chip away at its secrets and watch my sister watch that soon to be infamous third act.