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  • Righting Wrongs
  • The Millionaires' Express
  • Undefeatable
  • Yes, Madam!
  • Guardian Angel

Ranking Cynthia Rothrock

12 films

By my personal preference. Expect this list to keep growing...

  • Baffled!
  • Mansquito
  • The 13th Sign
  • The Doorway
  • Disembodied

Great but Bad but Great Posters

121 films

A collection of terribly awful, yet actually amazing posters. Feel free to comment any additional posters that fit this same…

  • Alien
  • Gladiator
  • Blade Runner
  • Thelma & Louise
  • Matchstick Men

Director Ranking: Ridley Scott

11 films

I really enjoy Ridley Scott, he may have his share of dud films but he's also produced some really great…

  • The Godfather: Part II
  • Heat
  • Jackie Brown
  • Taxi Driver
  • Awakenings

Ranking Robert de Niro

19 films

Ranked by movie not performance

  • The Shootist
  • Misery
  • Sex and the Single Girl
  • The Mirror Has Two Faces
  • Dark Passage

Ranking Lauren Bacall

11 films

There are many more Lauren Bacall films I am interested in seeing!

  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller
  • Nashville
  • Thieves Like Us
  • Images
  • 3 Women

Director Ranking: Robert Altman

9 films

I find Robert Altman to be a really interesting filmmaker, and I like his style. I really need to see…

  • The Laughing Woman
  • Venus in Furs
  • Paranoia
  • Queens Of Evil
  • The Blood on Satan's Claw

A Trip to Europe (From Hell 🔥 😈 🔥)

20 films

I wanted to do something fun for the summer so as I was thinking to myself, how about a nice…

  • The Docks of New York
  • Underworld
  • Shanghai Express
  • Dishonored
  • The Last Command

Director Ranking: Josef von Sternberg

12 films

A forgotten director now, von Sternberg created plenty of great films in the late silent and early sound pre-code era…

  • Casablanca
  • The Maltese Falcon
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  • In a Lonely Place
  • Sabrina

Ranking Humphrey Bogart

13 films

Love me some Bogart, here's how I would rank his films! Based on overall quality and not on performance.

  • The Maltese Falcon
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  • The Man Who Would Be King
  • Key Largo
  • The African Queen
  • Midnight
  • Golden Earrings
  • Hold Back the Dawn
  • No Man of Her Own
  • Easy Living

Director Ranking: Mitchell Leisen

7 films

Films I've seen from Mitchell Leisen, ranked by personal preference.

  • Stella Dallas
  • Double Indemnity
  • Meet John Doe
  • The Bitter Tea of General Yen
  • The Lady Eve

Ranking Barbara Stanwyck

19 films

Barbara Stanwyck was one of the most dynamic actresses of classic Hollywood. She brings an energy and intensity to her…