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Bird Box is a Netflix film with so much potential that it could have capitalized on a bit better. My issues with Bird Box are that it sets up so many questions that we never quite get the answer to. And you all may know me; I love endings that leave you on a cliffhanger but only when they are satisfying. This ending feels a bit glossy, without giving you what you are looking for in each character arc. Not to say that I didn’t like the film because I found some enjoyment in it. It all starts with the cast and how brilliant this ensemble is. I found barely any issues in the chemistry and liked the majority of the actors/actresses.

I do enjoy how the title becomes very appropriate for the film as you start to have some of your questions answered. The reveals throughout and the intense moments were filmed well. I see potential in Susanne Bier’s future as a solid filmmaker. Bullock rocks it as always and I loved the way she was so straightforward with her kids. Her relationship with them is set-up nicely throughout. John Malkovich was a stand out side character. My issue was less with the acting/directing and more with the writing. I know this is based on a book (that I have never read) but I find it odd that the narrative (of the film) is so sporadic.

The jumping back and forth didn’t bother me as much as the huge time jump, at one point. You can’t just fast forward five years like that and expect the audience not to wonder why. Everyone will compare this to The Happening, A Quiet Place and The Mist. I love A Quiet Place and hate the other two; so it’s interesting that I actually enjoyed this film, which is a blend of the three. Technically, A Quiet Place could have pulled from this book; so it’s going to be interesting to see how upset each fanbase gets. This movie is fairly straightforward and audience friendly. I wanted the impact to be a bit greater though. I had fun watching it but started developing semi-major issues upon reflection. You can find this one on Netflix, this weekend. 

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