Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family ★★★★

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This is going to end up being one of the biggest surprises of 2019. I had a blast watching this film and following these characters for almost two hours. Everyone involved, you can tell, is having a great time making this film. Everyone is just in it for the right reasons and the level of heart is impressive. Being an origin story for a wrestler, I did not think it would be a film that could engage me on the level that it did. Paige is such an interesting person. Sure, she has her quirks, as we all do; but those elements allow her to be someone different. She is someone that the WWE has never seen before and this is proven by her impact on everyone around her. While that entire story is happening America, what really makes this film flow is the family element happening back home; especially the storyline with her brother. 

The entire cast for the family is fantastic and it’s great seeing Nick Frost again. Stephen Merchant steps behind the camera to direct and does a wonderful job. I feel as if his writing was stronger than his directing at times. Certain filmmaking choices didn’t work. But that mixed with the cast; especially Vince Vaughn, who is just plain awesome, really makes this one worth a watch. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good sibling relationship. But seeing how he encourages her; and how she gets him through his turmoil, really pulls on the heartstrings. To get someone without an interest in the WWE to care about this story, is an impressive feat. Now, if you love that sport then you will absolutely love this film. But I feel as if it’s a film for everyone. My only big issue are the technical moments that frustrated me (such as bad dubbing & weak camera angles). Overall, this film is great and deserves success.

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